In the off-highway industry, equipment is often placed under severe loads in hostile environments. Heavy equipment demands high torque applications, and the stop-and-go conditions typical of construction, mining, and other off-highway heavy equipment create shock loads on the power transmission components (gears, bearings, etc.) leading to high wear and premature failure.

REM’s­ ISF®­ Process, an isotropic superfinishing process capable of polishing the surfaces of power transmission gears and other metal to metal contact components, is able to improve the performance of off-highway equipment through its myriad of component benefits. The ISF Process helps keep off-highway equipment running by reducing friction among intermeshed parts, therefore increasing mean time between equipment overhaul by reducing contact fatigue and wear.  The ISF®­ Surface generated by the ISF Process is proven to significantly improve load distribution in gear applications, thereby increasing power density allowable, and offering design upgrades through increases to input power or component downsizing.

The ISF Process is capable of processing extremely large components with weights in excess of 10,000 lbs./4,500 kgs, and is able to be a cost-effective solution for high volume part applications. Lastly, the ISF Process is an effective repair technology for the removal of surface damage and surface deposits/contamination from operation.

With applications on a wide range of earth-moving, construction and agricultural equipment including backhoes, cement trucks, mining equipment, tractors, and bulldozers, REM’s ISF Process is the optimal surface finishing solution for any Off-Highway components suffering from premature failure, in need of extended service life, or that require a design upgrade.

Common Off-Highway Applications for the ISF Process:

  • Torque Converter Components
  • Transmission Gears and Assorted Components
  • Driveshaft Couplings and Universal Joints
  • Camshafts, Tappets, Valve Springs, Rocker Arms

Component Benefits for Off-Highway Applications:

Production Benefits for Off-Highway Applications:

  • Potential to Eliminate Surface Coating Requirements
  • Potential to Reduce Grinding Surface Finish Requirements
  • Potential to Reduce or Optimize Deburring and Chamfering Operations

Common Off-Highway Alloys that REM can Assist with:

Common Off-Highway Component Forming Methods the ISF Process can Improve:

  • Ground (Machined)
  • Milled
  • Turned
  • Forged
  • Hobbed

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