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Chemically Accelerated Vibratory Finishing for the Elimination of Wear and Pitting of Alloy Steel Gears

By: M. Michaud, G. Sroka and L. Winkelmann, REM Chemicals, Inc.

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Chemically Accelerated Vibratory Finishing is capable of refining hundreds of gears per hour to a superfinished isotropic condition. This robust commercial technology virtually eliminates wear and contact fatigue pitting. Studies have confirmed this process is metallurgically safe for both through hardened and case carburized alloy steels. The isotropic superfinish achieves an Ra <1.5 fin. while maintaining at least an AGMA 12 quality number. Metrology, Topography, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Photomicroscopy, Hydrogen Embrittlement, and Rolling Sliding Contact Fatigue results are presented. Examples of OEM production and high performance racecar transmissions are included. Additional proven applications of Chemically Accelerated Vibratory Finishing are: helicopter gearboxes, battlefield tank transmissions, hydraulic pumps, turboprop engines, earth moving equipment, and wind turbine generators.

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