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Extreme ISF Process

The Extreme ISF Process is a suite of surface finishing technologies including low and high energy isotropic superfinishing technologies utilize a combination of chemical and mechanical finishing techniques which are capable of removing the extreme surface roughness inherent to metal AM components.

Extreme ISF Processed Additive Components

Capable of reducing the extreme surface roughness associated with AM-built to a traditional machining level, and even to a full ISF®Surface (Superfinish), if required. The Extreme ISF Process has broad applications in the AM industry given its design, capable of processing a plethora of geometries and internal surfaces. REM’s ISF Processes are the perfect addition to Additive Manufactured parts in that it are highly adaptable to lot size, alloy change, part customization and part geometry without excessive changeover time and costs.  ISF Processes for AM typically requires no custom tooling or fixtures, which means faster time from powder to product. ISF Processes are currently available for alloys such as Ti6-4, lnconel®, Aluminum and Steels (including Stainless).

With over 50 years of experience in metal finishing, REM has a wide range of options in its toolbox to help you achieve the surface that you need on your AM component.