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Extreme ISF Process

Extreme ISF Processed Additive Components

The Extreme ISF® Process is a suite of chemical and chemical-mechanical surface finishing and polishing technologies including low and high energy isotropic superfinishing technologies. The Extreme ISF Process is capable of removing the extreme surface roughness, surface and near-surface defects (keyhole porosity and the like) inherent to metal AM components while simultaneously improving component dynamic fatigue life and providing a bright, mirror-like surface appearance.

Comprised of two primary process technologies (Chemical Polishing and Chemical-Mechanical Polishing) that can be used individually or in combination, the Extreme ISF Process is compatible with a wide range of component geometries including lattice structures and complex internal passages. Because of REM’s unique chemically assisted technology, the Extreme ISF Process is also better able to preserve fine features, edges, and overall component geometry than abrasive-only techniques or electrochemical processes.

REM is constantly expanding our range of alloy expertise; alloys/alloy groups from which REM has existing process capabilities include:

  • Titanium Alloys (ex. Ti 6-4)
  • Nickel-based Superalloys (ex. IN-625, IN-718, HX, JBK-75, NASA HR1)
  • Stainless Steels (ex. 17-4, 15-5, 316/316L)
  • Carbon Steels (ex. Ferrium® C64)
  • Maraging Steels
  • Copper Alloys (ex. GrCOP-42, GrCOP-84)
  • Aluminum Alloys (ex. AlSi10Mg, Al6061, A205, A20X)
  • Low CTE Alloys (ex. Invar 36)
  • Bulk Metallic Glass Alloys

An additional benefit of the Extreme ISF Process technology is that it can be effectively used to ensure complete powder removal in some alloys thereby increasing component cleanliness (improving biocompatibility) and eliminating FOD (foreign object debris) risks.

The Extreme ISF Process can be tailored to specific material removal limitations and is capable of holding tolerances +/- 0.0001″ (~2.5 µm); the process technology can be used to deliver surface finishes as low as 4 µin (0.1 µm) Ra or can be utilized to consistently hit common engineering specifications of <125 µin (3.2 µm), <63 µin (1.6 µm), <32 µin (0.8 µm), or <16 µin (0.4 µm).

The Extreme ISF Process is a robust process technology that is scalable and available via outsourced processing or as a technology installation.

Whether your needs are to improve the fatigue life of a rotating turbine engine component or to obtain a jewelry level finish on a decorative component, REM Surface Engineering and our Extreme ISF Process has the experience and the expertise to meet your needs.