Hand Tools

REM has worked in the Hand Tools industry for almost forty years and is proud to be a key supplier, helping to keep North American and European Hand Tool manufacturing cost-competitive through the use of our industry-leading, cost-efficient REM® Process

Creating a smooth and bright, pre-plate or final finish on metal Hand Tools can be costly and challenging. Hand polishing methods are labor-intensive, produce inconsistent re­sults, and/or result in increases to overhead costs. Robotic polishing processes require significant capital expenditure and complicated process setup/programming. Traditional, abrasive-only mass finishing processes are slow and produce copious amounts of solid waste in the form of sludge, requiring frequent maintenance operations and increasing the risk of equipment downtime. 

The REM Process solves these problems, producing a smooth, low roughness surface, perfect for end-use or electroplating, painting, or coating. Because of the REM Process’s unique chemically ac­celerated polishing technology, vibratory finishing processes are dramati­cally shortened as compared to abrasive-only mass finishing, and minimal operator training is required. REM’s expertise in process control and efficiency make the REM Process the most cost-effective option for polishing of metal components for the Hand Tool industry. 


Some of the Many Benefits of the REM Process for Hand Tools:

  • Reduced Overhead Costs 
  • Reduced Processing Time 
  • Increased Production Throughput
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Adaptable to Hands-Free Automation 
  • Increased Surface Finish Quality and First-Pass Yield
  • Brighter, More Robust Electroplate
  • Improved Coating Adhesion

Interested in reducing your manufacturing costs and/or increasing final product quality? Contact us for more information or to start a project. REM is ready to support you from initial cost analysis and upstream manufacturing optimization through full production start-up and beyond.