Plating/Coating Optimization

Plating and coating processes can be valuable manufacturing operations to transform the surface of a component.  Both plated and coated surfaces can benefit from increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and/or aesthetic changes.

However, to achieve optimal plating/coating quality and adhesion, the component’s surface typically must be smoothed.  Belting and shot-blasting operations can be used, but both of these processes have limitations relative to required operator interaction, final surface quality, part shape limitations, etc.

REM’s isotropic superfinishing processes, specifically the REM® Process, have been used for decades to produce lower roughness, higher quality surfaces than can be generated via shot-blasting.  Additionally, the REM Process is a machine-controlled, automated operation, with high part volume capabilities and no increased labor requirements.  Thus, the REM Process is able to provide a low-cost, high-quality pre-plating/pre-coating solution.

The REM Process is used extensively in the Hand Tool and Firearm industries where it improves the quality of the nickel-chrome plating, physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings, and other coating/plating technologies.  The low roughness, isotropic surface coupled with the minimized edge radiusing of REM’s chemically accelerated/assisted technology is optimal for many plating/coating applications.

REM’s technology is available via outsourced processing at a REM facility or as a technology installation at a customer’s site.  Contact us today to learn more or to start a project.