Rocket Propulsion

Rocket propulsion components are one of REM’s newest and most exciting applications.  REM is proud to have supported NASA’s RAMPT (Rapid Analysis and Manufacturing Propulsion Technology) and the successful LLAMA (Long Life Additive Manufacturing Assembly) project hot-fire.Space Rocket Propulsion Nozzles

REM first worked with rocket propulsion components as a part of our recent and ongoing NASA SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) awards. In these SBIR’s, REM has developed the capabilities to surface finish rocket propulsion components including nozzles, combustion chambers, injectors, and turbomachinery components in a range of copper and superalloy materials. These efforts have largely focused on components made via metal additive manufacturing—both laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) and blown powder directed energy deposition (BP-DED)—but the developed capabilities can easily be applied to traditionally manufactured components as well.

Some of the Many Benefits of REM’s ISF Technology for Rocket Propulsion and Space Applications:

  • Cooling Channel Benefits:
    • Removal of Foreign-Object Debris (FOD)
    • Elimination of Granular Roughness from Powder-Based AM Build Processes
    • Removal of Heat Treatment/Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) Oxide Scale
    • Reduced Flow Resistance/Pressure Drop
  • Hot Wall Benefits:
    • Uniform Hot Wall Thickness Reduction for Improved Cooling Properties
    • Uniform Surface Roughness Reduction for Increased Cleanliness
  • General Benefits:
    • Increased High Cycle Fatigue Life
    • Controllable Material Removal for Channels, Fuel Ports, etc.
    • Improve Flow Dynamics for Turbomachinery Applications (Reduced Turbulence from Surface Roughness)

REM’s ISF and Extreme ISF Process Technologies are available via outsourced processing at a REM facility or as technology installations at a customer’s site, providing flexible prototyping, scaling, and production options.

Whether you are working on small or large rocket propulsion systems, REM has the experience, technology, and capabilities to meet your surface and channel finishing needs.  Contact us today to learn more about REM’s technology and to start a project.