Miscellaneous Applications

With over fifty years of surface finishing experience, REM Surface Engineering has provided solutions to many miscellaneous applications. Whether components require a smooth final finish for performance durability, decorative attractiveness, sterility/cleanliness, removal of non-optimal surface material from prior manufacturing steps, or for another reason altogether, REM’s surface finishing technologies and decades of expertise provide us with the tools and knowledge to meet almost any surface finishing need.

Some of the many miscellaneous metal finishing applications REM Surface Engineering can assist with include:

  • Automotive and truck/trailer ball hitches
  • Block and tackle cable pulley shives
  • Cloth, carpet, rug automatic weaving equipment to prevent snagging and tearing of cord, yarn, wool,
  • Cord twisting-rope making equipment for the boating, mountaineering industries
  • Cutlery of any alloy, pocket and chef knives, multi-tool knife blades
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous die castings, extrusions, etc.
  • Hydraulic cylinder rods prior to hard chrome plating.
  • Injection molding extruders, augers for injection molding or augers for food processing
  • Metal food-processing components wherein extremely smooth final finishes are required for sanitary requirements
  • Police restraint devices such as ankle and handcuffs
  • Processing of coin blanks prior to minting
  • Surgical implements, dental equipment, laboratory tooling where autoclaving is a requirement
  • Watch bezels and bracelets of assorted metal

Do you have a different application? Contact us for more information or to initiate a project. REM is always excited to tackle new surface finishing/polishing challenges and to provide solutions for our customers.