Rapid ISF Process

The Rapid ISF® Process is a suite of chemically and mechanically accelerated surface finishing and Daimler Gears Rapid ISFpolishing processes. The Rapid ISF Technology combines REM’s patented, chemically accelerated finishing technology with mechanically accelerated surface finishing apparatuses (drag finishers, spindle machines and the like) to produce isotropic superfinishes in significantly reduced cycle times.

Traditional, abrasive-only mechanically accelerated mass finishing technologies result in significant geometric alterations to parts with defined geometries and micro-geometries, such as gears, bearings, and airfoils. Thus, these abrasive technologies are limited in their applications and in the final surface finishes that could be achieved. By utilizing REM’s unique chemically accelerated technology, REM has eliminated the traditional drawbacks of these mechanically accelerated finishing apparatuses while simultaneously increasing the potential final surface quality. Surface finishes <4 µin (0.10 µm) Ra or lower can now be obtained in a matter of minutes. Fixtured processing allows for easy maintenance of matched or mated components (for example lapped gears). Additionally, the technology is specifically designed to have low work-in-process (WIP) inventory so that it can easily integrate into the just-in-time (JIT), high volume manufacturing floor.

Successful applications for the Rapid ISF Process are continuously expanding; some successful applications include:

  • Single and Double Helical Gears
  • Hypoid Gears
  • Spiral Bevel Gears
  • Herringbone Gears
  • Inner and Outer Bearing Races
  • Cam and Shifter Lobes

The isotropic superfinish that REM’s ISF® Process produces has long been recognized as the optimal surface finish and surface texture for improving gear mesh efficiency and maximizing metal to metal power transfer component life through increases to contact fatigue and scuffing resistance. Now, high volume applications can take advantage of this exceptional surface finish with REM’s Rapid ISF Process.

Available via outsourced processing or as a technology installation, REM’s Rapid ISF Process is ready to meet your high volume, low WIP manufacturing demands.

Whether your needs are to improve rear axle efficiency, to reduce scuffing risk and structure-borne noise in an EV (electric vehicle) transmission, or to increase load-carrying capacity in a heavy axle powertrain, REM Surface Engineering and our Rapid ISF Process has the experience and the expertise to meet your needs.