The surface finishing/polishing of titanium and titanium alloys can be challenging and costly.

Titanium applications are typically high-end and/or critical given the alloys’ high corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance as well as its good tensile strength properties. Derivatively, all titanium manufacturing and surface finishing processes must of the highest standard for quality and reliability.

REM Surface Engineering’s ISF® Process has been utilized on titanium components for over twenty years, primarily on Aerospace and Biomedical/Medical applications. In this time, REM has created several custom polishing solutions for titanium to reduce roughness, component wear, and improve component cleanliness as well as numerous other component specific benefits.

For the past ten years, REM has been utilizing its Extreme ISF® Process to improve the surface roughness/surface texture and component performance of Metal Additively Manufactured titanium components from both electron beam melting (EBM), laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF), and directed-energy deposition (DED) building methods. REM’s technology has the unique benefit of being capable of removing loose powder and reducing surface roughness on internal channels—a key benefit as Metal AM pushes for new component designs and applications.

Both of these isotropic superfinishing technologies are available via outsourced processing or as a technology installation, and both have been validated on the most challenging of applications—flight critical and life-critical Aerospace and Medical/Biomedical components.

Some of the many Titanium applications REM can assist with:

Some of the Many Benefits of utilizing REM’s ISF® Technology on Titanium:

Some of the Titanium Alloys REM has Experience with:

  • Titanium (Commercially Pure—Grades 1 – 4)
  • Ti 6Al–4V (Grade 5)
  • Ti 6Al–4V ELI (Grade 23)
  • Ti 3Al–2.5V (Grade 9)
  • Ti 5Al–2.5V (Grade 6)
  • Aluminide (TiAl/Gamma Titanium)

Have a Titanium application that would benefit from an improved surface finish or some of the other component benefits provided by REM’s technologies? Working with a Titanium alloy or grade not listed here?  Contact us today for more information or to get a project started. REM’s technology can often be modified to new alloy applications without significant difficulty and REM is always excited to support new applications.