Process Chemistries & Compounds

REM’s isotropic superfinishing technology is built around our proprietary processing and consumables.  These process chemistries are alloy matched to allow for optimal surface activation as a part of REM’s processes (ISF® Process, Extreme ISF® Process, REM® Process, and Rapid ISF® Process).  REM has developed these consumables over our +55 years of operation to enable our best in class surface finishing technology to provide the many technical benefits for which our processes are known.  With hundreds of products, REM can tailor each isotropic superfinishing process to the precise needs of specific customer components, or REM can provide processes designed to accommodate a range of component types.

Existing product families include Ferromil®, Magalloy®, TimilTM, AlloymilTM, REM®, Rapid ISF®, and Extreme ISF®, with industry-specific sub-families including the RaceTM and PURETM product series.

As a complete technology provider, these process chemistries are available directly from REM or through REM approved distributors.  Contact us to learn which REM process consumables are right for your applications and to unlock to benefits of REM’s technology.