Abrasive/Neutral Processes

Abrasive/neutral processes can be a valuable tool for some applications or as a part of a process sequence to enhance surface finish or appearance.  Abrasive processes function via the mechanical abrasion of a surface to remove material.  The abrasive can be in the form of loose particles or can be fused into the processing media.  All ranges of mass finishing equipment can be used to execute abrasive-only processes.  Abrasive processes are most effective on softer alloys, but they can be used on any material as they do not rely upon chemical activation.  Abrasive processes allow for the reduction of manual or hand labor in the form of a machine-controlled repeatable process.

REM’s expertise in isotropic superfinishing and mass finishing allows us to apply abrasive processes/neutral processes for all ranges of applications.  Contact us to learn more about how abrasive/neutral processes may be of use to you or to Start a Project.