Precoating/Plating Finishing

Achieving the optimal pre-plating or pre-coating surface finish is key to maximizing the benefit of these subsequent manufacturing steps.  As a world leader in generating high quality, low per part cost surface finishing for Decorative, MIM, and Hand Tool applications, REM has the process technologies to meet your precoating/plating finishing needs.

REM’s high batch volume process, the REM® Process, is relied upon to produce thousands of components every day for subsequent nickel-chrome plating, PVD coating, and many other coating and plating applications.  For precision components requiring lower batch volumes and tighter process controls, our ISF ® Process can be trusted to deliver the optimal surface finish process after process.  For metal Additive Manufacturing applications, REM’s Extreme ISF® Process is capable of reducing the high levels of roughness inherent to additive manufacturing and enable the thick, robust plate or coating deposition that is desired.

Whether your application requirements is to improve first-pass yield and reduce costs on your nickel-chrome plated wrenches and sockets, to reduce roughness on additively manufactured, Aluminum waveguides to allow for effective internal surface plating operations or to improve coating durability on Firearm or other component applications, REM’s isotropic superfinishing technology is the answer to your pre-plating/pre-coating surface finishing needs.

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