Stainless Steels

Stainless steel alloys possess a valuable range of properties, most notably corrosion resistance and material strength.  A wide range of alloys has been created over the years to meet the requirements of industries including Medical, Aerospace, Gas & Steam Turbine, and many others.  Many of the component applications in these and other industries benefit greatly from improved surface finishes.

REM’s REM® Process and ISF® Process have been used on a range of stainless steel applications for decades including decorative applications such as cutlery as well as on precision-engineered components such as airfoils.  With the advent of Additive Manufacturing, REM developed its Extreme ISF® Process to be capable of superfinishing additively manufactured stainless steel components.  Because of REM’s unique chemical-mechanical technology, these processes are able to simultaneously passivate the surface of components while they are being polished resulting in a chrome enriched surface with increased corrosion resistance—this benefit is especially valuable in applications where stress corrosion cracking is a risk.

REM’s process technologies are available via outsourced processing or via installation at a customer’s site; these processes easily scale to high volume applications or can accommodate low volume, specialty component processing.

Some of the many Stainless Steel applications REM can assist with:

Some of the many benefits of utilizing the REM Process®, ISF Process®, or Extreme ISF Process® on Stainless Steel:

Some of Stainless Steel Alloys/Grades REM has Experience with:

  • 300 Series (ex. 302, 304, 316/316L)
  • 400 Series (ex. 403, 450, 440C)
  • Precipitation Hardening Grades (ex. 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH)
  • Carburizable Stainless Steels (ex. CSS-42L™, Pyrowear® 675)

Have a Stainless Steel application that would benefit from an improved surface finish or some of the other component benefits provided by REM’s technologies?  Working with a Stainless Steel alloy or grade not listed here?  Contact us today for more information or to get a project started.  REM’s technology can often be modified to new alloy applications without significant difficulty and REM is always excited to support new applications.