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Additive Manufacturing

As-Built Surface

As-Built Surface

Extreme ISF® Surface

The Metal Additive Manufacturing  (Metal AM) Industry is revolutionizing manufacturing processes and part design.  However, the industry faces challenges as it seeks to move into new and more challenging applications.

Poor surface finish and limited fatigue life are two of the largest challenges present in as-printed Metal AM components.  REM’s Extreme ISF® Process technologies address both of these challenges.

REM’s Extreme ISF Process has been shown to significantly improve Metal AM component fatigue life (matching machined component performance in some cases), and is capable of finishing the extremely challenging geometries that generative design and design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) are known to produce.

Known benefits of the Extreme ISF Process include:

  • Increased dynamic fatigue performance
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Improved flow properties for aerodynamic and hydrodynamic applications
  • Removal of all loose and partially melted/sintered particles (eliminating FOD risk)
  • Removal of surface roughness and surface waviness
  • Elimination or remediation of surface defects
  • Improved component cleanliness
  • Improved aesthetic appeal


As Built Additive Surface

 As-Built Surface

Extreme ISF Additive Surface

  AM ISF® Surface

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