Nitrided White Layer Removal

Nitriding is a ferritic thermochemical method used to diffuse nitrogen into the surface of steels and cast irons. This heat treatment process creates a case-hardened layer which has strongly enhanced mechanical properties and which exhibits reduced component distortion as compared to other hardening processes. However, nitriding also generates a “white layer” that while extremely hard, and very brittle. This white layer creates issues in mechanical usage, given its brittleness, and in most cases must be removed.

REM’s ISF® Technologies are able to controllably remove the white layer from components like gears and have been used in this capacity for over 15 years. REM’s isotropic superfinishing technologies are able to controllably remove as little as 0.00005” (1.27 microns) of material from the surface of a nitrided component. This process control allows REM’s surface polishing technologies to be used to repair nitrided components that otherwise would be scrapped due to their thin nitriding case depth. In all cases, the improved surface roughness and surface texture characteristics of REM’s ISF Technologies make them a strong approach to nitrided white layer removal.

REM’s ISF Technologies can be applied to very wide ranges of components types, sizes, and metals.  These processing technologies are available via outsourced processing at a REM facility or as technology installations at a customer site.  Contact us today to learn more or to start a project.