Due to its excellent thermal properties and excellent conductivity as well as its unique RF (radio frequency) shielding capabilities, copper and copper alloys have a range of applications from rocket propulsion to RF applications and many more.  Additive manufacturing has introduced both new Copper applications and alloys, many with complex geometries not otherwise able to be produced.  Low surface roughness and high levels of component cleanliness (aiding in the reduction of FOD risk) are important requirements for many of these applications.

REM has a range of developed, isotropic superfinishing/polishing processes for Copper alloys that are suitable for addressing the complex shapes and critical applications where Copper is being used.  These process technologies are applicable for both traditionally formed components via REM’s ISF® Process, as well as for AM components via REM’s Extreme ISF® Process. REM’s processes can be applied to exterior surfaces as well internal channel applications (including cooling channels) and have been proven to produce low roughness surfaces and to improve RF properties.

REM’s process technologies are available via outsourced processing or via installation at a customer’s site and can easily scale to high volume applications or can accommodate low volume, specialty component needs.

Some of the many Copper Applications REM can assist with include:

  • Combustion Chambers (Rocket Propulsion)
    • Exterior Surfaces
    • Internal Cooling Channels
  • Integrated Thruster Nozzle + Combustion Chamber Components
    • Exterior Surfaces
    • Internal Cooling Channels
  • Radio frequency (RF) shielding applications
  • Waveguides
  • Heat Exchangers

Some of the Many Benefits of utilizing the ISF® Process and Extreme ISF® Process:

  • Reduced Friction/Roughness
  • Reduced Component Wear
  • Increased Resistance to Contact Fatigue
  • Increased Resistance to Dynamic/Bending Fatigue
  • Improved Laminar Flow Properties/Reduced Turbulence
  • Increased Component Cleanliness
    • Eliminated FOD Risk (AM powder removal)
  • Support Structure Reduction/Elimination (AM)
  • Improved radio frequency (RF) Properties

Some of Copper Alloys/Grades REM has Experience with:

  • Commercially Pure Copper
  • GrCOP-42
  • GrCOP-84
  • CuCrZr

Have a Copper application that would benefit from an improved surface finish or some of the other component benefits provided by REM’s technologies?  Working with a Copper alloy or grade not listed here?  Contact us today for more information or to get a project started.  REM’s technology can often be modified to new alloy applications without significant difficulty and REM is always excited to support new applications.