Process Medias

Process medias are a critical component to most of REM’s isotropic superfinishing technologies.  Process medias must be appropriately matched to the target component shape(s) in order to ensure optimal contact and surface material removal uniformity.

REM’s chemically accelerated/chemically assisted technology allows for the utilization of non-abrasive and/or lower abrasive content medias as compared to traditional mass finishing processes which, in turn, allows for far great geometric uniformity of material removal as compared to higher abrasive content medias which will tend to bias raised features and radius edges to much greater degrees.

High-density, non-abrasive ceramic media variants are the core of many of REM’s processes because of its ultra-low attrition rate and ability to produce ultra-low surface finishes (Ra<0.1 µm/4 µin or lower) without requiring any media change-out during processing.  Traditional, abrasive-only mass finishing processes would generally require 2 – 3 media change-outs to achieve such a result, greatly increasing labor costs and solid waste generation.  In addition to high-density, non-abrasive media, REM has extensive experience with a wide range of plastic and lower density ceramic medias in both abrasive and non-abrasive variants, as well as metal medias.

As a complete technology provider, REM will support your installation of REM’s process technologies across all required elements, and we will ensure that you have the optimal media or medias to meet your surface finishing goals.  Contact us to learn which REM process medias are right for your applications and to unlock the benefits of REM’s technology.