Our Team


Justin Michaud
President & CEO
Nathan Michaud
Vice President of Strategy
Eric Reese
Vice President of Operations
Lane Winkelmann
Vice President of Technology
Carlo Sparagna
Louise Michaud
Accounting Fellow
Mark Michaud
Technical Fellow
Martin McCormick
EU Sales Manager
Samuele Arnaboldi
EU Sales Process Engineer
Adam Pilat
US Sales Manager
Chris Mershon
Senior Technical Account Engineer
Bill Nebiolo
Senior Technical Account Engineer
Michael Salerno
Senior Technical Account Engineer
Josef Miller
Sales Manager
Patti Mann
Technical Account Engineer
Ryan Saunders
Technical Account Engineer
Matt Neil
REM Research Group Manager
Joshua Boykin, Ph.D.
Senior Research Chemist
Agustin Diaz, Ph.D.
Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Manager
Juli Kaase
Process Engineer
Fernando Loyola
Equipment Engineer
Malcolm Maxey
Research Group Process Engineer
Patrick McFadden
Research Chemist
Tanya Mikulas, Ph.D.
Research Chemist
Josh Nittinger
RRG Research Technician / Equipment Technician
Derek Poehlmann
Equipment Engineer
Fred Rivas
Research Group Process Engineer
James Osbourne
Research Group Vibratory Technician
Walton Schmidt
Process and Equipment Engineer
Juan Torres
Research Group Technician
Eric Wendt
Research Chemist
Lori Bailey
Plant Manager - CT
David Dock
Plant Manager - IN
Ron Fathauer
Plant Manager -TX
Michelle Morse
Plant Manager - UK
Ulli Oberste-Lehn
Plant Manager-DE
Jeremy Rosenbaum
IT Manager
Christina Michaud
Marketing Manager
Ryan Shealy
Government Programs and Funding Manager
Jeff Tatem
QHSE Manager

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