REM Process

The REM® Process is REM Surface Engineering’s original, break-through chemically accelerated surface finishing technology for traditionally manufactured components.  It is a suite of isotropic finishing and superfinishing processes design to accommodate large batch volume component processing.

The REM Process is known to reduce cycle time, media consumption, and manufacturing operations while improving final surface finish surface quality.  As a polishing process, the REM Process has been shown to be the most cost-efficient and reliable surface finishing process for applications including high-volume MIM components, Firearms applications, Hand Tool finishing, and many other Decorative and non-decorative applications.  REM has a broad range of alloy processing experience which we are constantly expanding to meet customer/project needs.

REM Process’s Alloy Capabilities include:

The REM Process has been installed and used by customers for over thirty years to reduce manufacturing costs, quality rejections, cost of quality, and equipment footprint requirements.  The REM Process can be easily inserted into existing mass finishing equipment as a direct process upgrade/cost reduction.  Outsourced processing is also available via one of REM Surface Engineering’s location as either a bridge to an installation or as a permanent manufacturing solution.

Whether you need to reduce costs, avoid additional equipment sourcing requirements, increase quality, or any of the other range of surface finishing benefits possible, REM Surface Engineering and the REM Process have the experience and expertise to meet your needs.  Contact us to find out specifically how the REM Process can benefit your business or to Start a Project.