Process Aids-Tooling

REM offers custom development and manufacturing of process aids for use with REM’s technologies—the ISF® Process, the Rapid ISF® Process, and the Extreme ISF® Process.  These process aids can allow for increased loading, offer masking on areas of the components that processing/finishing is not desired, speed up processing times, improve component handling, and improve process/finish quality.

REM’s team of dedicated engineers, with over two decades of experience, work to design and create Process Aids 2 machinethese custom process aids.  With complete, in-house design and manufacturing capabilities REM is able to offer rapid turnaround times on both prototype and production process aids.  Process aids are available for use with customer installations as well as for outsourced contract services work at one of REM’s sites.  If desired, REM can maintain process aid inventories for its customers so as to ensure there is never a significant downtime incident.

Please contact us for more information about your specific component needs.  In order to expedite the project, please be prepared to share drawings, .STP files and the like (REM is happy to enter into a confidentiality agreement to protect this information).