Process Equipment

REM’s isotropic superfinishing process technologies can be applied via a wide range of processing equipment.  Process equipment should be chosen based on a customer’s specific needs relative to the component or range of components that will undergo REM’s surface finishing process(es).  To ensure that both your surface finishing and your production requirements are met, REM will work with you to define both the optimal process and the optimal processing equipment for your specific needs.

The most common variety of process equipment that REM sells are vibratory bowls, but REM has experience supplying essentially all types of traditional mass finishing equipment, modified to accommodate REM’s process technologies, as well as non-traditional apparatuses for specialty applications.

REM’s process equipment solutions can accommodate parts of less than 0.5″ (~13 mm)  or over 70″ (~1,800 mm) in diameter and all ranges in between.  REM supplies most ancillary and support equipment that may be helpful in the use of our process technologies, and/or we can aid you in the specification of said support equipment (examples include material handling equipment, waste collection/handling equipment, etc.).

If you have existing mass finishing equipment and would like to upgrade to REM’s technology, we can support this conversion quickly and easily, helping to avoid excess capital expenditures.

As a complete technology provider with over 55 years of experience in the metal finishing/surface finishing industry, REM is ready to solve your surface finishing problems and to install these processes at your site.  Contact us to learn more about REM’s equipment solutions and to start the process of obtaining your own REM technology installation.