Outsourced Services

REM­­­ is pleased to offer complete ISF®­­­ Process systems in all of our facilities for your convenience.  Using ISF Services is simple; first contact REM to find the appropriate location for your components and to obtain a quotation.  Then, send your unique components to REM where our specialized engineers and technicians will oversee their ISF processing and will return them as quickly as possible. By utilizing REM’s ISF Contract Services, you ensure the quality of an isotropic finish without taking on the additional overhead of an in-house installation.  ISF Contract Services are available to meet any need: prototyping, small or large lot sizes, short term or long term production contracts. All facilities are equipped with modern surface roughness inspection instruments and trained measurement experts. REM’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 Rev D certified at all five facilities and maintains approved supplier status for numerous major corporations in the aerospace, medical, heavy equipment, power generation, and automotive industries.

Some of the many benefits of using our in-house ISF Services include:

  • Quick Start-up
  • No Capital Investment
  • No Additional Staffing
  • No Waste Management
  • Long Term Flexibility
  • Quick Turn-around Time
  • Supported by REM Technical Services

Whether you enjoy the value-adding and/or cost-saving benefits of the ISF Process at our facility or yours, the results are equally impressive: a significant decrease in wear resulting in longer component life, increased fuel economy, lower lubricant temperatures, and reduced operating expenses. For more information please contact us.