ISF Process

REM’s ISF® Process is the ultra precision application of our isotropic superfinishing technology for subtractively manufactured components.  The ISF ProcessISF Process Bowl is a suite of  chemically accelerated surface finishing and polishing technologies that generate low Ra surfaces with non-directional/isotropic surface textures and exceptionally high bearing ratios.  The ISF Process can be performed in a variety of standard and/or customized mass finishing apparatuses in order to execute REM’s unique superfinishing method.

Traditional, abrasive-only mass finishing technologies suffer from long cycle times, higher final surface roughnesses, and increased geometric alterations to parts with defined geometries and micro-geometries, such as gears, bearings, and airfoils.  REM’s chemically accelerated technology eliminates these drawbacks, allowing reduce cycle times and low roughness surface finishes (Ra<0.1 µm/4 µin or lower).  Additionally, the ISF Process is specifically designed to accommodate precision component applications, maintaining complex component shapes such as tight pitch helical gears and airfoil tips with micron-level accuracy and offering the ability to mask surfaces from the process if desired via the use of REM’s Process Aids.  REM has a broad range of alloy processing experience which we are constantly expanding to meet customer/project needs.

REM’s ISF Process Alloy Capabilities include:

REM’s ISF Process is widely used in the aerospace, heavy equipment, medical and other industries due to its unparalleled range of performance benefits including increased resistance to contact fatigue, bending fatigue, and scuffing, as well as increased surface cleanliness and drastically reduced friction.

The precision material removal control of the ISF Process also makes it an optimal method of repairing high-value components such as wind turbine gears, gas turbine compressor blades, and flight-critical aerospace gears.

REM’s ISF Process has been installed at hundreds of customer sites and has been a robust processing solution for over three decades.  The ISF Process is also available as an outsource processing solution via one of REM’s facilities.

Whether your needs are to increase the power density allowable of a gearbox, increase the efficiency of a gas turbine engine, improve the biocompatibility of a medical implant/component, or any of the other range of surface finish oriented requirements, REM Surface Engineering and our ISF Process have the experience and expertise to meet your needs.  Contact us to find out specifically how the ISF Process can benefit your business or to Start a Project.