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Surface Finishing of Bearing Components

Before and After REM ISF Process BearingsBearings are the backbone of any drive or rolling system. These parts can experience high operating temperatures, high/low speeds and severe loads.

REM’s ISF® Process is an isotropic superfinishing technology that reduces friction, removes protruding surface asperities, and increases the bearing load surface. This finishing/polishing process results in extended component life, increased system efficiency, and increased power density allowable. The improved micro-texture created by the REM ISF Process enhances oil retention, and the process itself is proven not to alter component metallurgy. The process can be used to replace honing, or to reduce the required honing time/material removal, depending on the type of bearing and its end-use application.  Additionally, the ISF Process has been shown not to detrimentally impact component roundness in the case of bearing rolling elements.

The ISF Process can be applied in high volume applications where thousands of rolling elements are processed simultaneously, leading to low per piece costs.  The process can also be applied to large diameter rolling elements, which are traditionally difficult to hone.  Additionally, inner and outer races can be effectively polished, both for standard diameter sizes, and for large diameters as may be used in wind turbines or similar applications.  Lastly, the ISF® Surface is an ideal pre-coating surface for any wear-resistant coatings that be applied to bearing elements.

Common Bearing Applications for the ISF Process:

  • Inner Bearing Races
  • Outer Bearing Races
  • Cylindrical Rollers
  • Spherical Rollers
  • Tapered Rollers
  • Needle Rollers
  • Ball Rollers
  • Bearing Cages/Retainers

Component Benefits for Bearing Applications:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Eliminated Break-In/Run-In Requirement
  • Eliminated Metal Debris Generation
  • Reduced Failure Due to Micropitting, Spalling and Scuffing
  • Reduced Lubrication Requirements and Cost
  • Reduced Running Torque
  • Increased Bearing Life
  • Reduced Operating Temperatures
  • Reduced Vibration and Noise

Production Benefits for Bearing Applications:

  • Potential to Reduce or Optimize Deburring Operations
  • Potential to Reduce or Eliminate Honing Operations

Common Bearing Alloys REM can Assist with:

  • Bearing Steels (ex. AISI 52100/DIN 100Cr6)
  • Specialty Steels (ex. M50/M50 NIL, 440C, Pryowear® 675)
  • Brass

Common Bearing Component Forming Methods the ISF Process can Improve:

  • Ground (Machined)
  • Turned
  • Honed

Interested in learning more, ready to start a project, or have an application that you don’t see listed here?  Contact us today to see how we can help solve your surface finishing/polishing needs.

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