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Gear Finishing and the ISF Process

Gear components often have complex geometries as well as high speed and efficiency requirements. These parts can experience high operating temperatures and severe loads which necessitate more durable parts. Proper break-in procedures are often not followed and repairing a damaged gearbox or bearing can significantly increase operational costs and be extremely time consuming.

REM’s Isotropic Superfinish (ISF®­­­) Process solves these problems by reducing friction resulting in extended component life and increased fuel efficiency. The ISF Process creates a smooth, micro-textured surface for enhanced oil retention properties and is metallurgically safe. REM has successfully developed a host of new high volume, high speed mass finishing processes specifically to meet the high production demands of the automotive industry. These ISF processes are robust, easy to automate and are tightly controlled to preserve the component’s geometrical integrity. REM is capable of ISF processing gears weighing over 4000 lbs and has established a refurbishment program turning otherwise scrap components into as good as new parts. These refurbished parts consistently out perform non-ISF processed new parts. Lastly, REM currently has a patent pending for ISF processing of high density carbided gears.

Gear Close-up After ISF Process

Gear Close-up After ISF Process

Some of the Gearing Industries REM’s ISF Process can assist include:

ISF Gearing Part Performance Benefits:

  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Eliminate Break-in
  • Reduce Warranty Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Maintenance Intervals
  • Reduce Lubrication Requirements and Cost
  • Increase Power Density
  • Recycle Used Gears with Refurbishment
  • Reduce Contact & Bending Fatigue
  • Increase Part Durability
  • Lower Operating Temperatures
  • Quieter Operation

Interested in learning how REM and the ISF Process can add significant value to your parts? Simply contact us for more information.

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