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Isotropic Superfinishing of S-76C+ Main Transmission Gears

By: Bruce Hansen, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Mike Salerno and Lane Winkelmann, REM Chemicals Inc.

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Isotropic Superfinishing is a chemically accelerated vibratory finishing process that is capable of generating surface finishes with an Arithmetic Mean Roughness (Ra)< 3 min. This process was applied to the third stage spur bull gear and mating pinions along with the second stage bevel gears of a Sikorsky S-76+ main gearbox. The gearbox completed the standard Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) and a 200-hour endurance test. During these tests noise, vibration, and operating temperatures were shown to be significantly reduced due to lower friction. This technology has since been flight certified and integrated into the S-76C+ with several aircraft in commercial service. A description of the tests, performance data and a general description of the process will be presented.

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