Advanced Space Propulsion

The printed part is the injector head of an augmented spark-ignited torch that brings together the gaseous propellants (oxygen and hydrogen or oxygen and methane) and electrical energy to reliably generate a 3000∞F flame that is injected into the main combustion chamber to initiate combustion of the main stage propellants. The IN Space igniter is able to start and operate at high pressures making it ideal for rapidly starting up combustion devices used on launch vehicles. This particular torch burns about 0.1 lbm/s (pounds per second) of propellant flow to ignite 13 lbm/s of liquid oxygen and methane in a next generation, 5000 lbf thrust combustion chamber being tested at Purdue University. Following assessment of the printed injector component, future plans for the igniter are to incorporate the igniter chamber and main chamber interface to reduce part count and eliminate the need for high temperature seals.


About In Space

IN Space LLC is a research and development and engineering services firm providing solutions for the aerospace propulsion sector. The company’s research focus is on increasing the performance and operability of propulsion systems while reducing system costs and program risks. Its decades of designing, building, testing, and analyzing parts, assemblies, and systems associated with aerospace vehicles have supported development efforts by other organizations creating the next generation of launch vehicles and spacecraft. Company customers include various branches and agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and companies ranging from legacy propulsion firms to New Space startups.