ICAM 2024

ICAM 2024

Hosted by the ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence, this event focuses on standardization, qualification, and certification in advanced manufacturing. The comprehensive agenda includes 20+ symposia covering key topics in additive and advanced manufacturing. Organized by a team of 100+ experts from various sectors, the conference aims to transition research to application through standardization. The event brings global experts together to exchange latest developments in advanced manufacturing.

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Scheduled Talks

  • “Support Structure Removal via Chemically Assisted Post-Processing and Associated Fatigue Performance of Powder Bed Fusion Components”
    Justin Michaud
  • “Effects of Chemical Polishing, Chemical-Mechanical Polishing, and Hot Isostatic Pressing on Metal-Based Powder Bed Fusion Specimens Printed With and Without Contour”
    Dr. Agustin Diaz
  • “Chemical and Chemical-Mechanical Polishing, Coating, and Testing of Additive Manufactured C103, Mo, and W”
    Dr. Agustin Diaz
  • “Chemically-Assisted Powder Declogging of Metal AM Microchannels”
    Dr. Josh Boykin



Oct 28, 2024 - Nov 1, 2024

Hilton Atlanta

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