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Metallische additive Fertigung: vom Pre- bis zum Postprocessing

Metallic additive manufacturing: from pre- to post-processing

We are delighted to announce that REM Surface Engineering will be presenting at the Metallische Additive Fertigung (Metal Additive Manufacturing) event hosted by Fraunhofer IPK 16-17 April. This event focuses on the latest advancements and applications in metallic additive manufacturing, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our expertise with the attendees.

‘Extreme ISF: REM’s Surface Finishing Solutions for Metal Additive Manufacturing – Technology, Capabilities, Applications and Result’ – 25 min + 5 min Q&A with presenter Ulli Oberste-Lehn of REM Surface Engineering.  April 17th at 13:00

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Apr 16, 2024 - Apr 17, 2024

Fraunhofer IPK

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