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Gear Corrosion During the Manufacturing Process

By: O. El-Saeed and G. Sroka, REM Chemicals Inc. and G. Blake Rolls-Royce Corporation

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No matter how well gears are designed and manufactured, gear corrosion can occur that may easily result in catastrophic failure. Since corrosion is sporadic and a rare event and often difficult to observe in the root fillet region or in finely pitched gears with normal visual inspection, it may easily go undetected. This paper presents the results of an incident that occurred in a gear manufacturing facility several years ago that resulted in pitting corrosion and intergranular attack (IGA). It showed that superfinishing can mitigate the damaging effects of IGA and pitting corrosion, and suggests that the superfinishing process is a superior repair method for corrosion pitting versus the current practice of glass beading.

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