Wind turbine longevity0 one of the environmental benefits of REMREM has a vision of achieving energy conservation through surface engineering; as such, we have endeavored to make the alternative energy industry more viable through our technologies. In addition, many of the benefits from the ISF® Process help the environment in traditional industries and applications as well. The Isotropic Superfinish Process increases fuel economy, extends component life, and increases efficiency, which in turn, help save energy and ultimately the environment. Furthermore, REM has established a refurbishment program turning otherwise scrap components into better than new parts. These refurbished parts consistently outperform non-ISF processed new gears, and by eliminating the need to use a new part, reduce energy and resource consumption overall.

REM Surface Engineering strives to use environmentally friendly chemicals in all of our superfinishing processes, to ensure the universal safety of our technologies. The media we employ can be repeatedly reused, resulting in thousands of hours of operation and a reduced strain on the environment. Also, the equipment that REM utilizes in the ISF Process is extremely robust, resulting in years of operation with minimal maintenance or resource demands.

The ISF Process is an environmentally safe, valuing adding, and proven metal finishing methodology. Our unique process creates a previously unobtainable, smooth and lustrous finish in a variety of materials used by a wide range of high performance industries. For more information on these industries please see our ­Industries section.