Nitriding steel components produces a high hardness and shallow case with minimal geometric distortion. It leaves, however, a troublesome, brittle, hard white layer that must be removed. Removing the white layer while surface finishing nitrided components by conventional honing is a slow and sensitive task. REM’s ISF® Process is a robust technique that not only removes the white layer, but also leaves a planarized, polished surface (i.e., Ra <0.1 µm). This results in a nitrided gear which achieves optimal high load operational results.

Benefits of using ISF with nitrided components:

  • Safe and accurate removal of white layer
  • Minimal stock removal
  • Improved surface finish
  • Controlled Process
  • Eliminate grinding, honing or similar processes after nitriding
  • Applicable on gas, carbo and ion nitrided components
  • No risk to case layer

Some of the many industries served:

  • Power Generation
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive

The Isotropic Superfinish Process can be used to refurbish nitrided components.