Entry System

REM built the Entry System™ L+ Series Extreme ISF® Process Cell to support companies with lower volume metal binder jet and fused deposition modeling (Metal FDM/FFF) post-process surface finishing requirements.  The Entry System is designed to provide a lower price point for customers who do not have ultra-low cycle time requirements, but still want to take advantage of REM’s Chemical-Mechanical Polishing process and the ultra-low surface roughnesses it can produce.  Like the Ramp System™, the Entry System is optimized for lights-out and unattended processing of small to medium-sized components.


  • Compact Vibratory Bowl System – gentle polishing process
  • PLC/Touchscreen Control – process recipe storage & fully automated processing
  • Process Monitoring Sensors – reliable, unattended processing
  • Compatible with all Stainless Steel alloys (contact REM about other alloys)

If you are ready to start taking advantage of REM’s Extreme ISF Process and its many benefits, the REM’s Entry System is a great place to start.  Contact us to get your system on order.

Need higher weekly volume capacity or shorter system times, check out REM’s Ramp System.  Do you have high volume demands, contact REM about our Volume System™ options.

Our most flexible offering able to handle a wide variety of alloys. With the same efficient chemical management approach as the Ramp System, this compact package offers a big punch for part processing.