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Metal and Surface Finishing: Surface Engineering by REM

REM Surface Engineering brings the vast experience and knowledge needed to achieve the right surface finish in all projects.  Our engineers apply their chemical and mechanical engineering knowledge to each finishing project that comes through our door.  The benefits of surface finishing are to increase efficiency and resolve wear resistance problems in industries that drive our economy, including: aerospace, automotive, medical, power generation, and motorsport.

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REM’s ISF Process in Superfinishing

Innovation, quality and technical expertise are qualities at the core of what makes REM a pioneer and leader in the field of Isotropic Superfinishing. Since its inception in 1965, REM has continually earned credibility and trust from our customers throughout a diverse range of industries, each with their own unique challenges and requirements. REM’s long history, technical focus and published results have proven the advantages of the ISF®  Surface and established the ISF® Process as the preeminent Superfinishing technology for metal components.


Metal Finishers

REM Surface Engineering has been in business for over fifty years in metal finishing.  The metal finishers at REM have a variety of processes for a range of metals, including titanium, stainless steels, carbon steels, and more. Seeking to produce the most performance driven gears and material, the benefits of metal finishing on a variety of industries include a combination of material benefits, financial benefits, and environmental benefits. Contact us today to find more information from a metal finisher on the best process for your equipment to undergo and be restored to its original look and performance.

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